Our Story

City Cafe has been providing good food and good service at modest prices since being established by Martin Miranda in 1919. In 1933, Martin’s brother Jimmy Miranda, wife Marie, and sister-in-law Louise began management of the restaurant, which continued for the following 43 years.

Located on Main Street in Plaquemine, next to the railroad depot where men waited for the next train, City Cafe has seen its share of history. As the men waited on their way to World War II and the Korean War, many meals were provided by Jimmy at no cost to the soldiers. In the 1930's and 1940's, City Cafe was more than a place to get good food. The downtown area of Plaquemine was a hotbed of activity. Slot machines, horse races, and poker tables provided entertainment for the patrons after a good meal.

In 1976, Jimmy and Marine sold the restaurant and it was "out of the family" for four years. Charles "Squeaky" Miranda, Jimmy and Marine's son was a Plaquemine student-athlete who went on to become a teacher and coach. While coaching at Broadmoor High School, he met Stephanie Bourgeois, a teacher at the school, and they were married. It was in 1980 that Charles decided to go back to his roots and buy back the restaurant.

His mother Marie and Aunt Louise came back to the Cafe when Charles re-opened it in 1981 after an extensive remodeling. The restaurant again became a mainstay for the locals, as well as the nearby plant workers, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In 1994, a fire left the restaurant in disarray, but a menu from the "golden age" survived. Sandwiches 25 cents, hamburger steak 60 cents, breakfast (two eggs and a homemade biscuit) 30 cents, beer 19 cents. After rebuilding, Charles, mother Marie, and Aunt Louise continued on until the Plaquemine restaurant was sold in 1998.

GRAND Re-Opening in Baton Rouge!

Charles decided to re-open City Cafe in Baton Rouge in 2002. Today, the tradition of modest prices, friendly service, and good food continues. Some of the dishes date back to the original family recipes of 1919.

We hope you enjoy the family atmosphere and tradition of City Cafe - the place "Where Good Friends Meet."