City Cafe of Baton Rouge
4710 O'Neal Lane
Baton Rouge, LA  70817 
Voice:  225.753.4420 
Fax:    225.753.4366 

City Cafe is a locally owned favorite in Southeast Baton Rouge. It sits at the corner of O'Neal Lane and George O'Neal. The restaurant is owned and operated by Charles "Squeaky" Miranda and has been in the Miranda family since 1919. It was started in Plaquemine, Louisiana by his parents Jimmy and Marie Miranda. Over the years the restaurant became a favorite meeting spot for the town as well as local plant workers. A fire in 1994 closed the business temporarily but it was sold in 1998. In 2002, Charles decided to reopen the family restaurant at its current location in Baton Rouge using many of the original dishes from the Plaquemine location. Since its grand reopening here, City Cafe has been a huge success. It is known as the neighborhood bar and grill by the locals of Southeast Baton Rouge.

To start off, check out the Appetizer portion of our menu. It is loaded with excellent starters such as fried dill pickles, boudin balls and pepper jelly shrimp. Our regular menu is loaded with a great seafood selection, such as fried shrimp, catfish, oysters or a combo of any of the three. Also available seasonally are boiled shrimp, crabs or Louisiana crawfish. If you like your seafood with a little more style, you may want check out the special entree section of the menu that features items like Catfish Atchafalaya, the Montegut or the Ahi Tuna with spinach. The Atchafalaya is a generous portion of fresh fried catfish served over rice and topped with our own crawfish etoufee while the Montegut features the fresh fish of the day, blackened and pan sauteed then served with shrimp in a white wine butter sauce and a crocked potato with vegetables. You can also choose from a variety of fresh salads topped with shrimp, chicken or tuna or a poboy, stuffed with Gulf shrimp. oysters, or catfish or try the best char-broiled oysters in Baton Rouge. For more details on menu items, check out our full menu.

Don't forget that City Cafe is also a great choice for local live music, parties, catering and tailgate packs! Check out our tailgating menu and contact us for details!